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Lexington public schools have been voted in the top 10 schools in Massachusetts!

The district consists of six elementary schools, two middle schools, and a high school. Each of the elementary and middle schools are named after important figures in Lexington’s history.

From Boston Magazine 2014 Top of the Class

A look at the best-performing high schools in a few select categories.

Highest Percentage of Students Achieving Proficiency (Scoring 3–5) on AP Exams
1. Acton-Boxborough 96.9
2. Concord-Carlisle 96.4
3. Lexington 96.1
4. Dover-Sherborn 96.0
5. Sharon 95.7

Highest Overall SAT Score
1. Wellesley 1885
2. Acton-Boxborough 1873
3. Lexington 1866
4. Weston 1853
5. Dover-Sherborn 1819

Here is a link to Lexington’s Public Schools:

Lexington is also home to 7 private schools:

Community Therapeutic Day School




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